Government, PSUs and Defence

Today more than ever, governments see the necessity to optimize and make efficient their various programs and their underlying ICT deployments which act as business support systems to these programs.

The most pressing requirements. put forth by governments of any developing economy are to:

  • Generate measurable results from various programs.
  • Ensure programmatic convergence.
  • Create efficiency of the programs with People, Process and Technology.

With a shift in demand-supply and newer policies and programs being introduced, governments have realized that a meager program rollout is no longer the choice of the day.

The economic downturn and instability combined with the countering pressure to reduce structural deficits have made governments rethink their tax strategy, re-calculate spending and put fiscal policy under much scrutiny.

Accordingly governments today need to assess the programs and projects including their delivery in a much more holistic manner by incorporating various aspects like political impact, economic impact, social impact, technology impact, environment impact, legal impact) that may affect the sustainability of such programs through their entire lifecycle.

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