Our folio of customer references is increasing everyday (much to the chagrin of the totally tired competition!). This time its the IT Heads of Colorchem and IQSPL commending our excellent services and competitive attitude. Particularly notable are comments by one of the country's most respected scientists today Former Chairman of Space Commission Prof U R Rao, who hasn't minced any words here in praising Netsoft and its technical expertise and declared IIT Mumbai's DEP project implemented by Netsoft as "a pioneering initiative" in distance education.

  • Technology to Innovate
  • Integrity to Serve
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Team Cohesion

Traditionally, I feel service by Indian organizations is not very good. Abroad we get much better service. But Netsoft is very close to international standards.

-Mr. Lobo - Geopetrol International INC.

Netsoft has really lived up to our expectations. A very, very close liaison and contact has been established at all the levels right form the CEO to the operating level. The progress of project has been monitored at both the ends both by us as well as by top executives in their company and therefore the probability of any slippage or delay is out of question. I am confident that post implementation their after sales service will be equally good.

-Mr. Khurana - Towervision.

Netsoft provides integrated solutions- they have tie-ups with renowned names in the industry and understand this market inside-out. Their expertise is aptly reflected in their high quality solutions and international service support standards.

-Mr. Garg - South Asia Breweries.

While zeroing in on a service partner we look for things such as market credibility, the technological excellence, the skill set of people, the financial capability, the attitude which is displayed by their pre-sales and post-sales follow-ups, the fact that whether they are a long term player or just fly by night kinds, their organizational strength and finally the commitment that they display. I am happy to say that Netsoft fit the bill very well on all these counts and that's why we selected them as our service providers. .... compared to other service providers I will rate Netsoft as very high.

-Mr. Kumar - Hatch Associates.

Netsoft has really lived up to our expectations. It's been so far so good! Infact I must mention here that their Leased Lines management too has been very good and has saved us a lot of sleepless nights

-Mr. Rawat Veolia - Veolia.

Besides superior technology and field expertise Netsoft relationship building and constant cooperative approach has been quite unique. . We value this relationship and want it to work for a long time to come

-Mr. Chauhan - ICISA.

Netsoft manages our entire WAN network and I must say that I'm very impressed with the service that they have imparted and the uptime they have provided. We were also highly impressed with the monitoring standards that they have in place which were web enabled to provide us information round the clock. . I think their remote monitoring services and technologies are quite unique and innovative.

-Mr. Mukherjee - MC DONALDS.

The kind of back-up support, expertise and technology Netsoft has in place was definitely a winner; the costing is also very comfortable. They are a very reliable partner and made me feel confident of a good delivery. .I am totally satisfied with Netsoft's services. I have never had any complaints on any issue so far and am very impressed with their work!

-Mr. Chauhan - NIKON.

I am totally satisfied with Netsoft's services. …I would say it's their responsiveness! Every time we've had a problem Netsoft has been quick to resolve it. That is why we now look up to them as our one-stop solution provider.

-Mr. Shridhar - SGS.

when we chose Netsoft we basically looked at the expertise that they had and that they demonstrated not merely talked of! Netsoft has been one of the pioneers in network management; many others have come in much later so it had that first-mover advantage on its side as well. …I would say that their Network Management services per se are quite unique and they have really come to a maturity level today. That's something that many other companies in the market are only trying right now and I don't know when they'll reach that level!


Basically we evaluated a number of vendors for the jobs and finally settled for Netsoft on the basis of their technical competency and expertise. Also the earlier projects that Netsoft had done in the field convinced us of their capabilities and expertise.

-Mr. Duneja- JAYPEE.

The way we go about choosing service providers for Government Institution like ours is by first isolating the best technical solutions and then judging them on the cost parameters. In Netsoft's case our technical committee rated them as the most appropriate technical solution, plus the fact that they had comfortable costing too, made them the best bet for this job.

-Ms. Chanda- Elsevier.

Netsoft finally won our account on the basis of sheer merit and the techno-commercial standards, validated by a third party consisting of some experts. .We have very special relations with Netsoft and then they operate from NSE. We always look at them as an extension of the NSE family.

-Mr. Saddar - LexisNexis.

They have delivered what they promised so that proves it! As an organization we are very happy with Netsoft, with their project handling; indeed they have done a good job. .Today we are glad that we chose Netsoft as a service provider and long-time partner.

-Yatinder Singh- Dorling Kindersley.

Netsoft has brought to the desk a different kind of professionalism. The way they work with us has been extremely impressive. Instances like the satellite failure and shifting of the Hub etc. prove the point. During these incidents the Netsoft team worked with us day and night to put the network back on track without bothering about the commercials etc. at all. Their focus was very clear, there is a job to be done and lets do that first before bothering about anything instances such as these give a totally new dimension to professionalism! .Doing very good work! Keep it going!

-Mr. Vishnu - AVL.

The overall experience with Netsoft has been extremely good especially with reference to our Mumbai center, which interacts with Netsoft on a regular basis for technical assistance as well as other services

-Mr. Gauri - The World Bank.

Netsoft's customer references and market credibility was much higher that that of its competitors - we were, infact, very impressed by the work they had done for the NSE network- and that’s why we preferred them as our choice for a network management partner

-S.V. Zaregaonkar - Sr. V. P. & CFO, IndusInd Bank Ltd.

I feel their remote management services from the perspective of technology are really at par with the best. Infact, some of their value-added services definitely give them a defined edge! The service interface is not only user-friendly; it also provides pertinent details drilling down to even.

-Shiv Kumar - CEO, ITC IBD.

We started our partnership with Netsoft in 2004. They are mainly responsible for creation of customized application development as well as workflow automation tools. Netsoft today is like an offshore development center for us and we will continue this fruitful partnership.

-Mr. John- Detroit, Michigan.

We found that most of the satellite companies just didn't have the ability to set up the number of sites we required in the time frame we wanted. Netsoft seemed to be very comfortable with both the technology and the stringent time-frame requirements. Also, we found Netsoft to be very aggressive. Thus, they were the best bet for us.

-Ajay Puri - M D, Indian Quotation Systems Pvt. Ltd. (IQSPL).

Netsoft has been a reliable partner, providing us high quality services over the years. Their world-class talent, product engineering capability and deep understanding of our core products, have contributed immensely to our products success. We value this relationship and look forward to strengthening it further in the years to come.

-Mr. Nate Hewett- Seattle, Washington.

This is just a note to thank you personally and Netsoft for assisting my business in our strategic planning initiatives. I'm impressed in how efficiently the software development service is and how much we've benefited by the solution specification detailing session with you. Your personal business insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference.

-Mr. Yash Rastogi - Baltimore ,Mayland.

Netsoft helped us define our database needs, build the application development plan, resource plan our direct Just-In-Time strategy, and launch the entire initiative with an off-site offshore support team. Sam and his partners designed the strategy, helped build the infrastructure, and supported us throughout the process.

-Miss. Nancy- Houston, Texas.

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