Routing & Switching

While organizations are spreading their wings to expand businesses across the globe, applications are consolidating to fewer locations in high performance datacenters. There is a need for 'always on', unified communication amongst various user groups across the organization to cut traveling costs and to increase productivity. There is also a requirement for a high performance, application aware wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. Netsoft helps you to build a multi-location, VPN based, highly available, optimized WAN network minimizing capital investments as well as running WAN bandwidth and management costs.

On the other side of the WAN infrastructure lie carrier telecom service provider networks, which by nature are the most critical, near-zero downtime and complex networks in the world. Building up telecom networks, increasing capacities, and simplification of various carrier network layers needs a lot of planning along with highly experience people to design and deploy, and a lot of investment in spares and support structure. Netsoft carries a rich experience to help telecoms build MPLS, Metro Ethernet, Core and Edge networks.

A few years ago, IPv4 was sufficient to support all possible devices. The proliferation of connectivity and devices has changed the story in the recent years and thus the 32 bits IPv4 has gracefully given way to 128 bits IPv6 addresses, which also provide some inbuilt quality and security properties. However, different protocol standards mean they can't talk to each other. Moreover organizations cannot do away with their existing IPv6 incompatible devices. Netsoft helps both end user organizations and telecoms to build alternate strategies like dual stacking (co-existence of both standards), Network Address Translation/ CGNAT, and tunneling.

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Through our alliances with leaders in research and technology, we keep ourselves abreast with the advancements in technology and ensure optimum solutions to customers. This enables us to provide actionable recommendations to our customers to help them achieve their IT-enabled business transformation objectives while keeping risks to a minimum.

NETSOFT cater to some of the topmost and well known names in the Indian as well as the international arena. We are proud to be associated with clients like:


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